Underwraps Exquisite Gifts and Gift Baskets
We'll Exceed Your Expectations
An Underwraps gift basket is the magical synergy that comes from cleverly translating your heart's desire and message into a stunning, unforgettable, never-before-seen gift.

We carefully consult with you at the beginning to then intuitively create a totally unique offering; which contains:

  • apt/appropriate goodies of the highest quality,
  • gorgeous custom presentation, as well as
  • all the specific thoughts and wishes that you want to convey.

Importantly, to ensure each basket's safe arrival, we hand-deliver them locally; and for worldwide shipment, we tenderly package your gift basket, so that those in far-off places will be sure to receive your elegant offering intact.

Clients, colleagues, prospects, beloveds, family and friends alike will truly appreciate the thoughtfulness reflected in every aspect of a high-end Underwraps gift basket.

Should you wish to place an order, or ask any questions at all, we look forward to hearing from you anytime.

Contact Patty or one of our other friendly Underwraps staff today on:
Phone: (310) 472-9466
(310) 472-8182
Email: pruta8209@mypacks.net

There is no gift like an Underwraps gift basket or box.
Underwraps gifts are never mass-produced, so they will never be perceived as quick and impersonal – no-one will have received the same Underwraps gift basket ever before.

We also don't cut corners, no matter your budget. Therefore, the joy and awe experienced at first glance will continue as all parts of the gift are opened, then shared, enjoyed and treasured.

There is no disappointment at any stage with Underwraps. Because, unlike other gift basket stores, we know that a gift basket carries far more than the goodies inside.

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